PPM Beauty Grooming as a Form of Concern for Women

Personal appearance (grooming) is very important in everyday life, especially in interacting with other people. Appearance reflects a person's personality. People who look good, neat, and attractive will be considered as having good personality. Having a perfect appearance not only in terms of dress, but also in physical appearance, especially the face and body. Women tend to want to appear attractive and charming in front of other people, especially the opposite sex. Community service activities carried out on August 22-23, 2020 at Jalan Ampel 4, Papringan, Sleman, were based on requests from the GKJ Ambarrukma adult commission to provide training to improve skills and understanding of makeup and hair styling. The PPM Beauty Grooming activity was attended by 25 participants, carried out by Christine Ulina Tarigan, M.Pd. and Warda Indadihayati, M.Pd. All participants were vulnerable women aged 20 to 40 years. The participants were very enthusiastic and hoped to hold continuous training in the following year.